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Excellent industry design Direct drive servo motor The direct drive servo motor realizes the quick start and accurate stop, also it could save energy efficiently, reduce the cost. Поэтому с 2003 года ООО «ГЕРАН «люкс» представляет российскому рынку промышленное швейное оборудование фирмы Zoje (Китай), прекрасно зарекомендовавшее себя на производстве. По сегодняшний день это качественное оборудование поставляется по доступным ценам. Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length ZJ9503HB/01 1 Medium,Heavy DP×5 21# 3500 (rpm) mm ZJ9503B/01 1 Light,Medium DB×1 9#-18# 5000 (rpm) mm ZJ9503B-5/01 1 Medium DP×5 16#-18# 3500 (rpm) mm. Don’t worry, we will not just ask you to blindly decide, we will guide you and help you make the right choice. So before we dive in on the review, we’ve got some important information for you. While it sounds like you can finish a project with high-speed equipment, take note that a faster stitching capability may not be reliable when working on leather and other thicker materials. Automatic lockstitch machine for light and medium materials, with built-in AC Servo motor and control box. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly brands that manufacture machines with low power consumption.

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Because of the exclusiveartisan® designed, special 800 watt electronic servo motor, operators can sew very slowly with complete control or digitally set the ceiling or top end speed and stitch up to a maximum very high production sewing speed. Universal 1-needle lockstitch machine with side trimmer 4.8 mm (possible to switch off), for light and medium materials. Some of the features offered in this great sewing machine include sewing speeds up to 1600 stitches per minute, an automatic needle threader, a knee lifter, an independent bobbin winding system, a programmable needle, variable speed controls and automatic electronic thread trimmer. Тип: прямострочная челночного стежка, материал: для легких и средних, тип мотора: Фрикционный, мощность 400 Вт, скорость шитья: 5000 ст./мин, высота подъема лапки: 5.5 — 13 мм, длина стежка: 5 мм, Комплектация: стол, голова, двигатель 220 или 380в на выбор. Компания ООО «ГЕРАН «люкс» была основана в 1998 году. Don’t let the term scare you, but the truth is that an industrial sewing machine isn’t just for those in the business of large-scale clothing manufacturing but also for those who sew professionally. Twin needle automatic lockstitch industrial sewing machine with ‘knock out’ needle, large capacity bobbins, for medium to heavy fabrics. Servo motors are also great for machines meant to produce decorative stitches.

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Zig Zag Artisan sewing machine with 9mm stitch width. Yes! you need to have an efficient fast industrial sewing workhorse. You might also want to look into whether your house or factory is powered by 110, 220 or 440 lines. Являясь официальным партнером ZOJE в России компания ООО «ГЕРАН «люкс» активно взаимодействует с производством оборудования швейной промышленности для расширения ассортимента и удовлетворения всех потребностей клиентов.

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Used for closing sacks and bags in many industries including potatoes, flour and animal feed mills, chemical factories Chainstitch button sewer Feed off the arm, double chain stitch machine with rear puller for heavy duty materials. Industrial sewing machines are used for many different things. Includes table clamp, knee operated arm, skip stitch facility, adjustable for flat bed or free arm and complete with tools and accessories. Flat-bed Coverseam machine Flat-bed Coverseam machine with thread trimmer, foot lifter, needle positioning and thread wiper. Lockstitch industrial sewing machine with direct drive motor and needle positioning. ZJ900 Series are premium machines suitable for light, medium or heavy materials. Automatic devices This series include automatic trimmer, automatic reverse, and automatic thread wiper.

DETECTOR DE ACE RUPTE HASHIMA — JAPONIA MASA DE CALCAT INDUSTRIALA BATTISTELLA — ITALIA PRESA DE TERMOCOLAT TIP BANDA LATIME BANDA 600 MM JAPSEW CALITATE GARANTATA — PRETURI IMBATABILE ! MASINA DE CROIT AUTOMATATAKATORI — JAPONIA MASINA CUSATURA HAND-STICH JAPSEW J-785 X. Twin needle industrial sewing machine, large capacity bobbin with reverse function and automatic oiling. Excellent quality parts The key parts are imported, to reduce the noisy and vibration, ensure the excellent performance. Improved feeding mechanism It could reduce the noise, realize low tension sewing. In addition, the larger adjustment range of feed dog can cope with different types of materials and to avoid crinkles and inversion. The machine will sew thread from size z-46 up to z-138. And from paper thin up to 1⁄4″ thick. Dont pick or buy any industrial sewing machine before reading this little guide below. What else do you need for an industrial sewing machine! Для нас это важный шаг в развитии отечественного производства и увеличении его потенциала в области промышленного швейного оборудования. Perfect for straight stitch, standard zigzag, 2-step, 3-step, scallop and other decorative stitches The ZOJE ZJ8700 lockstitch industrial sewing machine features an adjustable stitch length, reverse function, self lubrication & easy operation, suitable for factory and home use. Luckily, there are brands that market their products as something with noise reduction features. If you can’t find one, consider sewing equipment that run on servo motors, which is known to operate quietly. Electronic Button Sewing Machine with 33 different sewing patterns, auto foot lifter and trimming.

Each ZJ-8500 machine includes a fully automatic lubrication system with a large dial operated, stitch length regulator and features a large lever operated reverse stitching handle. With this machine, you can be guaranteed faster speeds and perfect stitches every time. Швейные машины Zoje приобрели широчайшую известность благодаря их неизменному качеству, надежности и работоспособности. В настоящее время ассортимент производителя включает в себя несколько сотен различных моделей промышленных швейных машин, а также большое многообразие комплектующих и аксессуаров. Programmable pattern sewing machine for larger products Zigzag Industrial Sewing Machine with Cam Set ZJ900 Top Feed Overlock Series are premium machines suitable for either light-medium or heavy materials. Electronic Chainstitch Key Button Sewing Machine with thread trimming. Straight Knife Cutter available in 6, 8 and 10″ 4-needle, 8-thread Bonidex elasticator with puller and metering device12.7mm needle spacing, total 38.1mm gauge. 2-needle, 4-thread feed-off-arm chainstitch machine for lap seaming.