Мк vg1031 ulp инструкция пользователя

Fix: A revised turbocharger outlet pipe is installed Applies to models up-to 31/07/2004 Code 4D TSB 05/2005 Desc: Light application of the brakes when reversing causes a loud squeel. Fix: Uprated Earthing CableLast edited by NickWells on Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:49 am; edited 20 times in total. Fix: Replacement Brake Pads. (Under Warranty) TSB 41/2004 Desc: The time randomly changes on the radio clock. Fix: ECU Firmware update TSB 13/2005 Desc: Leak from Turbocharger outlet pipe (1.6 TDCi) Oil pipe unseated during assembly. Fix: Firmware update SSM 18122 Desc: Noticeable flat spot in first gear around 1700rpm (TDCi engines) when pulling away from standstill. Fix: Updated Cluster firmware. SSM 7608 Desc: When the ignition is switched on, a yellow warning with ‘Limited EPB function!’ is shown.

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