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Web application serves as application backend, and administration and agency/company console. The Shipping department has access to a big data set of vessel information and movement for many thousands of vessels over a lengthy time period. These are available projects for IS480. The descriptions are maintained by the sponsor or sent to the course manager. Involvement: Use a variety of tags to attach to a person’s entry to indicate their level of involvement in our work, including repeat participation in the same activity. This project will create a tool to perform sentiment analysis of digital texts using elements such as “bag of words” or latent semantic analysis. Our review found that some of these processes would be greatly enhanced through automation and we would like the best and brightest of SMU’s IS students to engage in a fun yet fulfilling project. MediaCorp also has a stake in Singapore-based retail firm Reebonz, one of the region’s fastest growing luxury online retailers and a majority stake in Cubinet Interactive, a Malaysian digital games publisher. This process require a scheduling system based on many constraints. SIS would like to propose an internal scheduling system to manage faculty/staff time. The system provides safeguards to prevent spams and trolls, while enabling honest feedback and responses. The user can view product information and photos in the smartphone.

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Biggest risk to Insurance and Reinsurance sector is location based events such as floods, earthquakes, etc. The student will be trained and involved in the smart phone app, RFID and database design and development. In the end of project, the application should be able to deployed and run in the smart phone. Ability to set location via maps and a predefined database of available locations for e-stores. Your scope is to replace a subset of the complicated scoring program. The intention is to develop an application/ programme that it will help reduce the dependency of printed documents being used/ circulated during interviews. It will be compatible with mobile devices (such as iPad) such that all relevant candidate information stored and retrieved on the go. The unique challenge is in grouping and scoring the data into the relevant decision making process, which is not yet available in the commercial world. The Top Management would use the data gathered to track the adoption of the new process and the progress that is being made. The online views & videos generated by these IP Cameras can be used as a process of information extraction for various analyses. Visit us at www.smusa.sg to find out more about us!

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Here are the technology used by Team Inspirer Sponsor Contact InformationSMUBenjamin GAN Kok Siew < >Thomas MENKHOFF < > Sentosa — Sentosa Pass System TakenProject Brief Sentosa Pass System using SharePoint Foundation 2010 Admin department manages 13 Sentosa Passes on the current system. Description Employees with Domain-expertise must be able to create and post crucial information for other employees to view. This would be a very useful analysis that could help marketers identify the areas they should be focusing their efforts on. Large scale natural catastrophes (floods, earthquakes, etc.) poses huge challenge for timely assessment of risk across insured properties. This includes the Administrator Portal which administrators use to handle back-end operations, the customer application for android users to make bookings, and the sub-contractor application (developed on android) for the sub-contractors for their daily use.

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Since TSS’ customers (mainly students) are always mobile, the shop is looking at bringing its consumers more convenience and another level of engagement through the help of a mobile application, which is the preferred choice over a mobile website. Correlate the indications from these two data sources to increase the confidence level of the potential refinery target. Allow filters by vessel class, and a pause/rewind function. You could be part of making a difference in student life right in in your alma mater. Currently, tourists rent our devices through a booking form via the internet before arriving in Singapore. Knowledge in creating charts and statistics using D3 and R. Sponsor SMU-TCS iCity Lab Contact: Sponsor Day Slides Chung Suk — M-web/App for EasyPump E-Commerce Platform Taken About EasyPump EasyPumpShop is owned and operated by Chung Suk Co., Ltd Singapore Branch. Our shows for preschool children are engaging, fun, interactive, and educational that focus on social emotional messages and also celebrates positive values. Come and talk to us if you are interested in working on a project aimed at adding value to the delivery of healthcare services. This project will involve creating a native mobile SingPath application that can be used to play through existing SingPath quests, tutorials, and drag-n-drop problems.

Correlate the indications from these two data sources to increase the confidence level of the potential refinery target. Part of the optimisation challenge is to make forecasts of the demand for oil and refined products for various parts of the world. Since these data must be saved in the database then there should be a mechanic in automating this process. It should provide statistically reports and charts to iCity Lab. Problem Insurance companies struggle with analysis of large scale of geospatial information for risk assessment and catastrophe assessment specially in Property & Casualty Segment. Kevin Steppe — Extended Little Man Computer About the Project The Little Man Computer is a simplified computer model and simulator designed to teach about processor and instruction set architecture. Refer to current work flow. As a result of the heavy volume and intensity of recruitment activities, the Talent Acquisition team, HR Partners and hiring managers are faced with a substantial amount of paperwork. Users should be able to manage / change their details and subscriptions easily. This project would go better if one team member understands how to play bridge.

You will be coached through the project by an experienced IT & web professional and should pick up many skills and knowledge of leading web / mobile technologies which you will be able to use in your future careers. Its distinctive and innovative range of products and services include marketing and communications strategies through digital creative execution, media planning and buying, mobile applications, SEO, content creation, brand tracking and marketing analytics. While this process has worked well, we see various opportunities to improve the tool — from the engagement process to the analytics portion. Some programs offer the ability to display intermediate results — say the standing of players at the half-way point in a competition. The scoring program includes the following functions SCORING: The actual calculation of results is a two-step process. This app will help improve efficiency and raise productivity levels for recruitment activities.

  1. Currently the implementation process is as follow:- Customer fills up a questionnaire built on Excel.
  2. This index is a key output from the backend engine.
  3. Typically customers uses the index to compare different sites hence identify sites to focus on for improvement.
  4. The primary objective of the project is thus to enhance the current ‘Energy Certificate’. There are several aspects of improvement that we would like to see: To make the process more streamlined.
  5. The input interface could be different for different data type as well Backend engine calculation The model* uses a ‘benchmark’ warehouse as a model, computes the benchmark energy consumption using the operations data captured in the user interface.
  6. SingPath supports a drag-n-drop difficulty mode and a Quest feature that should translate well to mobile devices.

Activity Tracker Application ATA The second application will be an activity tracker application. Develop business analytics to do predictive analysis for catastrophe events. The Managers would use this data to plan and track the progress of different sales initiatives our Specialists are working on. Phase 3 : option for user to add own type of calendar and populate it. Why EasyPump This project will allow to gain regional exposure and valuable learning in E-Commerce. They make up about 20 percent of the total population and are mostly employed in construction, shipyards, sanitation services, manufacturing and domestic work. This will need to be converted into apps-ready format and integrates a search functions to quickly access the information The search criteria we will share more. Sponsor Contact InformationRajan Raju [1] Note from Course CoordinatorMr Raju will provide the overall direction and vision for this project. He is willing to spend time and direct team to the community of users. He will help test it as well. The scoring program does the scheduling of players and board movements, records scores and computes results.

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